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Cancel and refund the lost OV card

  • 3 October 2023
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Hallo,My Ov-cards(number3528050008491732 )were lost in 20th September.I did block it (without replacement)at once as I was told the card is cut without no upcoming issues.These days I got the new bills and an mail told the subscription is ongoing.I do not have trip plan these days so I dont need the card anymore. 

I am trying to cancel the subscription online,but the system is always eorrers.Will you please help me cancel all the ongoing functions of the the card asap?as I wont have and use it anymore.And please arrange the refunding for the September bill.


Beste antwoord door Daniël NS 3 October 2023, 18:34

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Hey hanbfm. Welkom to the NS Community.

I'd recommend contacting our customer service for help with this, we can't do this for you here.