Cancellation after switching subscription

  • 4 July 2023
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hi, i have a question. Currently i subscribe Weekend vrij (have been subscribe to it for 5 months) and planning to switch to dal vrij. If i change my subscription from weekend vrij to dal vrij today, is it possible for me to cancel my next month's subscription (august's subscription in my case) because i only need my dal vrij this month (july only)?

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Hi drzkst,

After one month you can change or cancel your subscription any day. So if you switch to Dal Vrij today, you can cancel (or change to Flex Basis, which is effectively the same) from August 4th.

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If you have NS Flex and switch from WeekendVrij to DalVrij, your WeekendVrij subscription will end immediately.

You will be refunded for the amount you've overpaid for your WeekendVrij subscription (this will depend on your invoice date) and you will be billed for the difference between this amount credited and the DalVrij amount due for the remainder of your current month until your Flex monthly invoice date. On your next invoice date you will be charged the full amount for a 1 month DalVrij. However, if you cancel your DalVrij subscription within a month after activating it, you will be partially refunded for the amount that will be charged on this invoice. (Unless of course you will switch to a more expensive subscription. Yeah, it can be a bit complicated.)

In any case. You will only be able to cancel/change your DalVrij it into a subscription exactly one month after activating it.