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  • 30 August 2023
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I went today to the NS counter at Amsterdam Centraal in order to buy a year abonment for bicycle parking. However the person at the counter made a mistake, and put the abonment on the wrong OV card. She cancelled this order and put the abonment on my other OV card, and told me to go back later to check if the cancellation has been done. I went few hours later at the counter, and the person told me that "it is still in the system" without any plan about what to do next... Is it normal and after 24h the cancellation will be done? The thing is that in "mijn NS" I am still being billed for 2 parking abonments, so I hope that it is just a matter of system update, if not it will be problematic.


Thank you in advance for your help


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Hey Brugger. Welcome to the NS Community. 

The cost counter in Mijn NS tends to be a bit off, I'd recommend waiting this out a few days for it to readjust. If you truly want to be sure it's alright now, I'd recommend contacting our customer service to have it checked.