change of weekend vrij when already used

  • 11 December 2022
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I have the ns flex weekend vrij abonnement with a billing period of the tenth of one month until the ninth of the next. So from December 10th until January 9th at the moment and I used it yesterday (December 10th)

If I change the abonnement to weekend voordeel today on December 11th, how much do I have to pay then for the one day it was still weekend vrij and not weekend voordeel? 

Thanks for your help!


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If you change to another season ticket, the invoice date doesn’t change. You have to pay for your new season ticket for the remainder of the month, and are reimbursed for the costs of the old season ticket.

Simply put: if you were to change season tickets today, this month (December 10th up to and including January 9th) you would have to pay 1/31th of the monthly costs for Weekend Vrij and 30/31th of the monthly costs for Weekend Voordeel.

Ok, thanks!