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Changing subscribtions from Dal Voordeel to weekend Vrij

  • 2 November 2023
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I would like to change my subscription from dal voordeel started 21july2023 yearly paid 67.20 € til 21july2024 to the weekend vrij 34.95 € monthly, how it’s going to work I amount will be deducted from the rest of the 67.20 € or how it works if I do the change.


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You will have a refund of the amount of €67,20 for the remaining total days. When you cancel DalVoordeel, Weekendvrij will be charged up to the starting date of Flex. This is a fixed day in the month and depends on the date you started the first Flex subscription. After this date you pay the normal costs of the subscription in advance. The refund of DalVoordeel  will be there within some days. It is about three months and eleven days, roughly a little less than 50 euro’s. The new subscription will not be substracted from this amount.