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  • 28 November 2022
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Hi there,I'm coming to the Netherlands in december for a week and I'm going to travel a lot.The Dal Vrij is advantageous for me. I would liked to know if it was possible to pay it only 1 month?I saw that it could be canceled after the first month, but I don't want to be charged twice.Thank you in advance and good day !

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Hi-you should have read better as the first hurdle is FAAAAAR bigger: you have to get a personal chipcard=with foto+name on, that has to be produced and that will only be sent to adresses in NL-and as an ultimate good favour also to BE and DE-and nowhere else. AND you need to have a dutch IBAN (bank account nr)-though NS is due to general EU-rules to also accept any IBAN from INside the EU, which they very much do not like and try to discourage as much as can,. You have to call them and hope+pray to get someone who knows the rules. IF you happen to be from out of EU-forget it.

IF you happen to have family here fluent in dutch and able to help: use that way (adress for mail, maybe even a loan on their bank account). You can indeed stop it after 1 month-you will then probably be charged the 2nd month-but you get this back (perhaps less 1 day use) but ONLY if you very cleverly do all that via your mijnNS account-or call again + hope+pray etc.

Also DO-repeat DO inform yourself very well in how it all works- if not done as it should be it will still cost you the earth and claiming ignorance will not work.

BUT you say just 1 week-there are a few special seasons or other tickets aimed for such tourists-much more easy to get, but some are limited to a specific area, mostly around AMS.

There is also either INterRail or EUrail for the 3 countries NL+BE (and LUX-but that is free anyway)

Shukran leh shukran?


Well, I hadn't seen those details.

Thank you very much for this information, everything is clear now.


Thanks !