Do I just need to check in during peak hours?

  • 29 August 2023
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I’m looking into getting an NS Flex subscription for off-peak hours. I know that for example, in the morning, 6:30 to 9 are peak hours. My question is, if my train leaves at say 6;15, and takes 1,5 hours, if I check in at say 6:10, and check out at 7:45 somewhere else does that count as off-peak hours? 

Basically, does the whole travelling period need to be during off-peak hours, or just the check-in? 


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The check-in time determines the rate for your whole journey, with NS Flex even when changing between (train) transport companies in peak hours.

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Yes, the time of your check-in counts. As long as you check in at off peak hours, you'll get the discount (or free travel) of your subscription. It also works the other way round, so checking in at 8.50 will result in paying full fare for the entire trip.

There are a few things to consider: you have to start travelling within 30 minutes after checking in (except things like delays, which you can't do anything about). Besides that there is a 5 minute grace period in favor of the traveller, so a check in until 6.34.59 will still result in the off peak fare, as will a check in after 8.55.00. For this the time displayed at the gate/pole counts.