Does the subscription upgraded automatically?

  • 6 May 2023
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I have a question with my subscription. I bought the 2nd class weekend subscription on 22th of April. I switch my class into 30th of April via NS App on my phone. I thought it means that I upgraded my subscription to 1st class weekend subscription, but the cost appears to be € 34.95 for the subscription and € 18.69 for Travel and other costs in my travel history. And I also switch on the 1st class option on the other days which has not appeared in my travel history yet… I am extremely worried about that I would have to pay crazy amount of money for that, since I traveled a lot with the same situation this weekend. I am extremely anxious and super worried… 


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Bedankt Daniel. I had not known about the red “supplement post” but will look for it in future.

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How do I upgrade when travelling on IC Direct? I have twice been “fined” 20 euros because of my inability to do this.



By presenting your chipcard at the red "supplement post" on the platform. Or by buying a supplement from the ticket machine.

The supplement post is to cheapest usually as you will get a discount off peak.

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Do you mean you don’t know how to pay for the Intercity Direct supplement? If you travel with Intercity Direct occasionally, then you can use one of the red supplement poles on the platform. Simply keep your card in front of them and the supplement will be loaded onto your card. If you travel with Intercity Direct often, then you can buy the Intercity Direct Altijd Toeslagvrij season ticket. You can read all about it on this page.

Do you mean you don't know how to pay for first class? If you have NS Flex, you can upgrade to first class before checking in or within fifteen minutes after checking in by choosing first class as your travel class in the NS app or Mijn NS. If you don't have NS Flex, you can do this at a ticket machine before checking in. If you have a season ticket and wish to travel first class all the time, then you should change your season ticket into the one you already have, but selecting the first class add-on during the ordering process. This will be cheaper than paying a surcharge for every journey. Changing an NS Flex season ticket can be done in Mijn NS.

How do I upgrade when travelling on IC Direct? I have twice been “fined” 20 euros because of my inability to do this.



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There are two ways to upgrade to first class.

The first way is what you have done, by selecting first class in Mijn NS/the app. When you do this, you don't upgrade to the first class for a fixed rate, but you pay a small amount each time you travel. During weekends, this is 42 percent of the second-class fare.

The second way is by selecting the option to upgrade to first class when you buy or change your subscription. Then you pay a fixed rate to be able to travel first class during weekends, and you don't have to pay for every journey.

The first way is cheaper if you want to travel first class only a few times, or travel short distances. The second way is cheaper if you travel a lot. In your case, if you travelled a lot, you will now pay more than you would have if you had upgraded your subscription.

You could try to see if customer service is willing to help you out and allow you to pay the lesser amount, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. You can contact them by phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook. In any case, if you're going to keep travelling a lot during weekends, have them change your subscription for you to first class. You can’t do it yourself yet if you haven't had it for at least a month.