how add NS Flex to my OV chip card.

  • 31 January 2022
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How add NS Flex to my OV chip card.

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Welcome to our NS Community, Zahraa aljundi. You can order NS Flex here: There is an interference in our My NS-account system right now, so I recommend to look at this later today.

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Hello @Zahraa aljundi,


You can add the ns flex to your ov chipkard.


go to

choose your subscription what you want

then press order

with some subscriptions you can add some suplements, for example with weekend free you can add an upgrade to 1th class in the weekend or to add a 40% discount off peak from monday till friday. Or both of them

then continue

then login with your “mijn ns account” or make a new one

add your card number via the option “Use current personal OV-chipkaart” and choose your starting date. For example 1th of februari.

then proceed

Check your details

and then go further

pay your first amount via ideal.

then is first thing done


if you order today you can use it within aprox an hour. You must load it on your card on a vending machine at a station or a supermarket, otherwise you dont use the product.


If you start it tomorrow (1th februari) or later. Then you can load the product on that day or later. not earlier than that