how to add Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij in my NS Flex Dal Vrij?

  • 21 June 2022
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hello,. I try to add an Intercity direct (63,10 euro) Altijd Toeslagvrij with my NS Flex Dal Vrij. 

But I can not find that in the season ticket…. How could I do it?

this instruction does not work well. Thank you!


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You need to change your season ticket from NS Flex Dal Vrij to NS Flex Dal Vrij with this supplement:

You can change your season ticket in Mijn NS by following the instructions when you go to Products. Note that you can only change your season ticket if at least a month has passed since you bought it or changed to NS Flex Dal Vrij. If less than a month has passed, then contact customer service to have this change applied.