How to avoid double billing when changing subscription for the first time

  • 19 April 2022
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Hi everyone!

So I’m new to this NS Flex system and I recently purchased a Weekend Vrij subscription which is valid from April 11th. After this first month, I would like to change to the 0€ subscription since I won’t be using the train at all during the next month.

My concern is that if I can only change my subscription after a month has passed, on what date should I exactly change my subscription in order to avoid being charged the 34,70€ cost of the previous Weekend Vrij one again.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Aitor P.


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Hello Aitor, welcome to the NS Community. 


You can switch your subscription on May 11th to NS Flex Basis. In most cases you won't be charged for the new month. Most times the next invoice will be made after the starting date. If it is already ready on May 11th, then you will get the subscription fee completely refunded for the new month if you change your subscription per May 11th.