How to cancel your subscription from abroad

  • 2 September 2015
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*Last updated: October 5, 2021*

A regular cancellation of an NS subscription needs to be completed at a ticket machine. When you live abroad, an alternative option is available.

Cancel your OV-chipcard
1. Register here. This registration is in Dutch. Fill in a username, your mail address and a password.
2. Report your card as lost or stolen here. Do not ask for a replacement of the card.

Cancel your subscription
2-3 days after cancellation of the card, please contact NS Customer service via Social Media (Facebook/Twitter), Live Chat or by phone (0031 30 75 15 250). Our Customer Service will then be able to completely cancel NS Flex for you.

Keep in mind that if you received a reminder of payment, you do need to pay the subscription fee. After cancellation, a refund of the remaining months will be transferred.

Extra information
- Lost your card? Please contact OV-chipcard through this page.

262 reacties

Hi W_A. Please click on my name to send me a private message with the details. I will have a look.
Hi W_A. Please click on my name to send me a private message with the details. I will have a look.

Dear Klass,

Thank you for the response. A private message with details was sent.

I have the same question as well and sent a private message to Klaas-Jan.
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Remember Klaas-Jan is not always working and present. Contacting Customer service may be a better idea.

I have a question. Like many others, I did not cancel my annual subscription on time and the syncasso email has arrived. This is where I get a doubt. When I pay the debt, is my old subscription still valid? I will travel to Holland in June for vacations and it would be good to have it (at least something good from my mistake). I already canceled the contract for facebook, but it was not clear to me if the subscription could be use in June.

Thank you!
I can check that for you. Please click on my name and send me a private message with your personal details, date of birth and ov-chipcardnumber.

EDIT: Due to the arrears the contract has been terminated.
Wow i'm really worried looking at all of these messages.. I have a similar problem to all of you. I bought the subscription while I was on Exchange in the Netherlands and cannot cancel my subscription because I am from Canada and I threw my card out when I left... I tried to make an account to report it as lost but it requires an expiration date and I don't know what it is because I no longer have the card. Is there any way I can cancel the subscription from abroad? I cannot call customer service.
Hi nellig, welcome to the NS Serviceforum!

Don't worry! I will fix this for you. Can you sent me a private message by clicking on my name? In the private message I would like to see your initials, last name, date of birth, postal code and house number and if you know it the OV-chipcardnumber. I will see what I can do for you!
Hey nellig, I haven't received a private message from you yet. Did you already contact the Customer Service via phone or another way? If you still need help you can sent me a private message.
Nellig, you can contact the customer service through one of these options.
Hello Annewil,
I have the same issue as many people above. I was an exchange student between January and July 2016. Back then, I acquired a subscription. When I was notified that it would be renewed, I asked a Dutch friend to call NS for me and have it cancelled. She told me she did and that everything should be fine now. However, I kept receiving NS e-mails that said that I had a payment due. Today, received a Syncasso e-mail that says that I need to pay the subscription fee plus collect fees using a bank account (which I do not longer have). I tried doing what someone suggested previously and cancel my OV card. However, when I try to link my card to cancel it, the only option they offer me is to send a link code to a Dutch address (where I no longer live). Please, can you help me with this issue?
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Hello LCerro and welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

I will look into your case. Can you send me a private message with your full name, (dutch former) postalcode and housenumber, your date of birth and the OV-chipcardnumber? You can send me a privatemessage by clicking on my name and chosing 'stuur bericht'. I'll be available to help till 22:00 CET today. If you message me later, I will look into it as soon as I can.
Hello LCerro and welcome to the NS Serviceforum.

I will look into your case. Can you send me a private message with your full name, (dutch former) postalcode and housenumber, your date of birth and the OV-chipcardnumber? You can send me a privatemessage by clicking on my name and chosing 'stuur bericht'. I'll be available to help till 22:00 CET today. If you message me later, I will look into it as soon as I can.

Thank you very much Thomas! I've just sent you a private message.
Hi, I have the same issue as the people mentioned above.
And already tried for 3 years to cancel the card. Finally found this forum and topic here.
The problem is that I can not find the card anymore, so I do not know the enddate of he card, so can not register it and inactive it in the ov-chip card system.

@Thomas, I sent you the info as you required.
Hope you can help.

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I will have a look at your information as soon as I can. I will get to you on tuesday (tomorrow).
Hi, Thomas,

Thanks very much!!!

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Update: I have looked into xiaoc's details and ended his contract for him. Unfortunately it comes down to own responsibility when ending a contract, so I could not refund the three years that he was not using the contract. I did, however, get to an agreement that we were both satisfied with.
Hi, Thomas,

Yes, I understand and thanks very much.
I moved away from NL several months ago. I have the exact same story to tell as many people here and I have several friends dealing with the same thing. I don’t know how many times I’ve contacted NS and been told I have to terminate the subscription at the ticket machine. The latest I heard is that I still have to pay the yearly fee (from abroad, with additional costs to me) but that they will refund it. Now that I’ve actually transferred the amount and I’m trying to get confirmation from an NS customer service person through chat that I will receive a refund, the person tells me again that I have to terminate my service through the ticket machine or by calling some 900 number, then simply stops responding. And chat is apparently the only way I am able to contact the company.

I think the legality of this is dubious. Whether or not this is the intention, by making the cancellation process so incredibly confusing and difficult, NS is making a lot of money from payments by people that are no longer using their services and don’t know about the payments. Also, there are a lot of expats and international students in NL that pay NS for their service, so if it pretends to care about customers, the company should offer a simpler way of ending subscriptions from abroad.


Ik ben enkele maanden geleden van NL verhuisd. Ik heb precies hetzelfde verhaal om zo veel mensen hier te vertellen en ik heb meerdere vrienden die hetzelfde hebben. Ik weet niet hoeveel keer ik NS heb contact opgenomen en heb verteld dat ik het abonnement op de ticketautomaat moet beëindigen. Het laatst dat ik gehoord heb, is dat ik nog steeds het jaarlijkse vergoeding (uit het buitenland, met extra kosten) betaalt, maar dat ze het terugbetalen zollen. Nu ik het bedrag daadwerkelijk heeft overgemaakt en ik probeer om een bevestiging van een NS klantenservice persoon te krijgen via chat dat ik een terugbetaling ontvang, vertelt de persoon mij opnieuw dat ik mijn dienst moet beëindigen via de kaartautomaat of door een 900 nummer bellen. En chat is blijkbaar de enige manier waarmee ik contact kan maken met NS vanuit mijn land

Ik denk dat de wettigheid hiervan dubieus is. Door het proces zo ingewikkeld te maken, maakt NS veel geld uit betalingen door mensen die hun diensten niet meer gebruiken en niet weten over de betalingen. Ook zijn er veel expats en internationale studenten in NL die NS betalen voor hun dienstverlening, dus als het zich voordoet om te zorgen voor klanten, zou het bedrijf een eenvoudiger manier bieden om een abonnement uit het buitenland af te sluiten.
Hoi Valdin,

Welkom op het NS Serviceforum!
De OV-chipkaart is een product van OV-chipkaart en het abonnement is een product van NS. Wanneer je niet in staat bent om de deactivatie op te halen bij de kaartautomaat dan is de andere optie om je OV-chipkaart te blokkeren bij OV-chipkaart (NS kan dit niet doen). Hun telefoonnummer is inderdaad 0900-0980. Je kunt ze ook bereiken via een contactformulier of via Twitter (@OVchipkaart). Pas wanneer de OV-chipkaart geblokkeerd is zijn wij in staat om het abonnement te beëindigen zonder dat hiervoor een deactivatie opgehaald hoeft te worden.
I have exactly the same problem as above all people.. I have just received an email from Syncasso. I have already created an account here and on OV-Chipkaart website, but I cannot link my OV card to my account because the link will be sold to the address that I'm not using anymore. I have no idea what to do next :(
I would be extremely grateful for help!
Hi Edyta,

Welcome to our NS Serviceforum 🙂 I'm sorry to read this. I understand that you're abroad and want to terminate your OV-chipcard before you can terminate the subscription? Then first please contact OV-chipkaart. If they can terminate your OV-chipcard, please contact our customer service (NS) after 4 working days. By then we will be able to cancel your subscription.
Hi Iris!
Thank you so uch for the reply!
So, to clarify, could you confirm if I understand correct?
1. I should pay Syncasso as soon as possible.
2. I should terminate my OV-chipkaart via OV-chipkaart website. On their website, should I choose an option that I have lost the card, or should I choose that I want to terminate my card? I'm asking because I have not any adress in the Netherlands anymore, so no documents can be sent to me.
3. After 4 working days I can contact you in order to terminate the subsciption.
Is above right?
If yes, could you please tell me if syncasso paymnet is needed if I want to terminate my subsciption anyway?

Thank you in advnace for answering above!
To whom it may concern,

My friend and I are Singaporean students who went on exchange in Maastricht University from Jan 16 - Jun 16 and we registered for a subscription plan for an OV Chipkaart each then.

We were appalled when we checked our emails recently, as it appears that we are being charged for the auto-renewal of our cards. The amount has also increased since, of which we were not aware of as we do not regularly check those respective email accounts.

We have not been residents of Netherlands since June 2016, and have instead been living in our home country of Singapore since July 2016. As we have not been physically in the Netherlands, or using NS services, we do not wish to pay for any NS subscription that will be physically impossible for us to use.

Furthermore, I find it ludicrous that there is a subscription that self-renews, requiring finances, without any authorisation from the owner of the subscription.

Kind regards
I'm sorry to hear this clarencium, but if you sign up for a contract it's important to know what you're signing up for.

My advice would be to contact us on Facebook or Twitter, both you and your friend. We can check how we can cancel the contract for you.