"Hulp bij het kiezen" werkt niet

  • 23 November 2022
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Hello! The “ Hulp bij het kiezen” tool does not seem to work anymore when historical travel is used. Basically, it no longer uploads historical travel - with the result that it always advises the Basis subscription.




Beste antwoord door Robert B 23 November 2022, 18:01

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This system does not help a lot by making a choice for the best subscription. With 41 journeys Dalvoordeel may be a better choice especially in the case when you travel a lot in off-peek hours.


Do not use this, ask for an advice here. What this system does is very general and in a lot of cases not wise.

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Hey dutch_grevillea. Welcome to the NS Community! 

I've tested it myself and the process does seem to work normally. It might just be a bad result for you in this case. It's decently accurate in giving advice, but you can't go wrong with asking for advice here! Speaking of that, at what time do you expect to make your trips? How often would you make a trip? With some more information we can help you pick the best product for your usage!

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If those 41 journeys (only NS trains are taken in account) were made recently, try setting the period to last month instead of a whole year.

I’ve tried looking at a month rather than a year, and have tried on different browsers, computers, and devices - in all cases it doesn’t actually retrieve my historical travel. If I just put in my general travel (eg. I commute three days a week at these times) it works fine. It’s the “use my historical travel data” option (either the last month or the last year) that doesn’t work.

Moreover, I have made the calculation myself on my historical travel data, and “Basis” is not the best choice.

It worked in the past (over a month ago), but hasn’t worked in the past few weeks.

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I tried it myself and the tool doesn’t work at all, just showing some spinning circles forever. It's probably broken.

For 3 days a week commute and (mostly) during peak hours, depending on the length of jour journey Altijd Voordeel (€ 24,20/mo) is usually the cheapest option. If you can always travel outside peak hours, have a look at Dal Vrij (€ 107,90/mo).

For Traject Vrij to be profitable, you would need to travel at least 4 days a week (return trip) during peak hours.