i cannot change the date of the birth that is mistaken.

  • 6 October 2021
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I cannot change date of birth that IS wrong


Beste antwoord door Sanne NS 6 October 2021, 11:49

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You cannot change it by yourself. You do need a new chipcard. A chipcard with a wrong birthday is fraudulent. You may ask Customer service for advice. They are willing and capable to help.

Hi Rafael Trova and welcome on the NS Community! 

How unfortunate that it went wrong. The best thing you could do is contact the customer service. They can change the date for you. As Thom said, the date on your card has to be the correct one. If this is not the case, please order a new one!

I cannot change date of birth that IS wrong

There's a good reason for that. Some people want to change their date of birth in order to make use of age restricted reductions that don't apply to them. Therefore you need to go through customer service for such a change. 

Dear sir/Madam

My date of birth is rung in my NS account but in my person card is OK how to solved the problem

How to I solved the probelm?


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Contact Customer Service. A wrong birthday may be fraudulent.