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  • 2 February 2024
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What can I do when I have a direct debit on my bank card for the NS monthly bill payment, but I do not have up to the amount that was sent in the invoice?

Can I defer the payment to the following month?


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Welcome to the NS Community!

You will get several reminders (by e-mail and letter), which gives you about 3 weeks to pay up.

After the final (3rd) reminder, NS will hand out the payment to a collection agency which will add €40 to the bill.

  • 1st reminder (e-accept) is an e-mail with a link to pay directly within 7 days
  • 2nd reminder is a letter (manually pay within 14 days)
  • 3rd (and final) reminder is an e-mail to ensure the money is received by NS within 5 days

Beware that there are no bank transactions in weekends and on public holidays, and NS takes a day or two to process late payments.

Yesterday, April 15, I booked and paid for an unlimited ticket for 3 days + 1 day for two people in Amsterdam. I paid the amount of 96,- Euro by credit card. I provided my email address where I was to receive the information to pick up the tickets in Amsterdam. So far nothing has arrived. We are flying to Amsterdam on Friday and need to send further information or confirmation for ticketing.
Attached is a copy of my bank statement.
I hope your service is reputable and there has just been a misunderstanding.
My email is {deleted by moderator]


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Hi MCCIHAKOVA and welcome to the NS Community! 

You can contact customer service where you purchased the ticket (for example DiscoverHolland or Iamsterdam).