• 9 March 2022
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hello, I left Holland on January 30th and in February I paid the last invoice for January.  having a Flex basic service I pay 0 euro per month and yet yesterday I received an invoice for 0.90 € (even though I no longer live in the Netherlands so I am not using the card).  I don't know how to pay this invoice because I no longer have an iDeal account, how can I proceed?  can I send money by bank transfer?  and why did I get this invoice?  thank you

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Welcome to our NS Community, Alessandratamb. I'm not sure where the € 0,90 came from. This is a public community, so I advice you to getin touch with our customer service for this. 

The transfer can be done from a different bank than is connected to your account. As long as the desciption is filed correctly, with either the feature number or your customer number and invoice number.

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Check your account-that should still be available, on mijnNS. Can only be done via site., not via app on fone.

90ct is indeed a very rare/funny amount, as even a BUStrip will cost more as 1€. Maybe, perhaps, it could be a short bustrip after a change that was due to very slow working systems only passed on to NS/Flex after youre last payment. Or maybe putting a bike in some guarded bikepark.

As above: with IBAN/SEPA you can easily pay from any EU-bankaccount.

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A few years ago I made a wrong check-in/check-out in the bus, used the wrong card. Because of that I had a check-in on my NS Flex card without a check-out, the cost for that was €0.90. Strange, because the basistarief for the bus should be €0.98. I had this corrected using “Uitcheck gemist”. My mistake happened on the 11th of the month while my invoice date was the 15th, the €0.90 cost plus the correction were both on the invoice of the month after that.

Perhaps this is also a situation like mine. I would check the travel history in your MijnNS account.