• 31 May 2023
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I am from Hungary, I will be travelling using with the financial subsidies from my University


In order for my ticket to be reimbursed by my department, i need to order it and have my in-voice addressed to my university


where can i request the invoice to be addressed to my university and how?


Thank you in advance 

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Hey dhimazgp. Welkome to the NS Community.

What we can offer with this depends on the type of product you want to use. If you plan to use E-tickets, there's no  invoice past the confirmation mail. If you plan to use our season tickets, you can get a full invoice every month, but this will all be registered under your own name, you can't put this on the name of a University. Sadly there's no way to provide you what you're asking for here. I'd recommend explaining this to your university and using the season ticket option.