My invoice doesn't add up

  • 18 October 2022
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I paid 107 Euros for my previous subscription and now an invoice has sent me with other 195 Euros. what is the reason of that? Now I'm confused because I had cancelled my subscription and this invoice with 195 Euros is questionable for me. please review it and then answer me. thanks, please send it to my email *verwijderd door moderator*


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Did you notice this reading the widget on myNS? Ignore it when you changed subscriptions, it gives wrong information. 

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There could be multiple reasons why you'll have to pay this amount on top of the season ticket. It could be journeys made outside your free travel period, journeys made on the bus, tram or metro, correction fares etc. 

If you go into your Mijn NS you'll be able to see your invoices and check whether the amounts are correct.

When you cancel your season ticket you should have also received an invoice with the amount to be refunded to you on or the day after you have made the change.