not sufficient money in my account

  • 23 November 2022
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I don't have sufficient money in my bank account to pay for this month and i got an email saying that the dead end to do so will be on th 28th November, but i will have money in my account only on the second of December, so is there a possibility that the dead line can move to the second of December? Thankyou 


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It's a hard deadline because it means that you are already many weeks late and have had several warnings before. If the money is not with NS on the 28th your subscription will be terminated and your debt will be handed over to a collection agency which will charge you additional costs.

The best way is to try to borrow the money from a friend and pay on time.

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Hey Nouhayla. Welcome to the NS Community.

We can't look into your details here so we can't help you directly. You might still be able to apply for a one-time extension to pay this a bit later. I'd recommend contacting our customer service to see what we can do for you in this case.