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  • 1 August 2022
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I still haven't received the invoice of July for paying my subscription costs is it normal? The subscription started on 30 June so now i should pay what I've spent in July why i still haven't received the invoice? How does it work?


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Hi Alessandra1800! Welcome to our Community.

What a shame you haven't received your invoice yet. Sometimes when there's a weekend in the way, it might take a couple of days longer for your invoice to be generated.
Of course you can always contact our Customer Service to see if everything is going the way it should.

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It will come-there is not really any shame for that-it will take a few more days.

You can always look on mijnNS-via site, not app, what the amount due is on that moment (well, as far as trips have been recorded and received-even that may take some days for bustram)

Ok it arrived few minutes ago