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  • 12 July 2022
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I have one unpaid invoice for NS Flex, as NS did not succeed in taking the money from my account and then I missed the email asking me to make a transfer.

I have received a letter stating that my subscription has been terminated and that I will be contacted by the collection agency (incassobureau).

Will I be contacted by them only via a letter/post, or through email? At the time of receiving the email about the subscription termination I still had an old address in the NS account and I am afraid that I will not receive the letter.

Is it possible to somehow contact them and ask for an email or to communicate that the address has been changed?

Thank you very much for your answers,



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You need to contact the collector. It is not up to NS anymore until you have paid the  full amount to the collector. 

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Yes, but she's afraid the collector might send letters to her old address, so she asks if she can contact them to inform them about the new address.

I'm not sure whether the collector contacts you by e-mail or by letters only. The collector is Bos Incasso. You could try calling them.