NS FLEX weekend voordeel incompatibility

  • 16 June 2024
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I gave NS FLEX WEEKEND VOORDEEL on my card but I would like also to add another subscription for the buses in my region. Unfortunately this subscription is not compatible with NS flex.

Is there a way to keep my weekend VOORDEEL (with a rechargeable method, not NS flex) and to have this subscription on the same card?

Basically, is there a version of WEEKEND VOORDEEL without the bill at the end of the month?


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2 reacties

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Call customer service and ask for the bus/tram/metro part of NS Flex to be deactivated. Once you've picked up this change at a ticket machine, you can order your bus subscription the normal way.

You'd however need to use other machines than the NS ones to put credit on your card should you need it, as NS machines can't top up cards with Flex. Or enable auto topup.

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In case you had "auto topup" enables before, note that getting flex will have disabled it and you will have to enable this function again.