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Ordered subscription but no confirmation [BUG]

  • 23 September 2023
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Ok, so I thought that was it but no.

Now I ordered the weekend free subscription and Rabobank confirmed that the payment went through BUT I have yet to receive any type of confirmation from ns.

Like bro wtf is this bullshit.

Were the people who did code this high or something ...

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Yo bro @MAA, welcome to the NS Community! 😅

If you ordered Weekend Vrij on a personal ov-chipcard, don’t worry about some confirmation mail.

Instead, see your Mijn NS account for what you have.

If this is your very first NS Flex order, you need to activate it at a machine (pick up order)


If you already had NS Flex, any change is instantly. No need to wait for a confirmation e-mail.

Bro, I checked a bit ago and I got a confirmation mail like 2-3 hours after the payment apparently hahaha, but it's ok.

I can travel back now. Finally ^^

"What you wondering about, dude? NS is totally bad at coding, that's a known fact. 😴"

That's good to know. Next time I'll try to avoid interacting with ns :)