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  • 26 October 2022
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Card number- xxxxx 3594


I had cancelled my card months ago but I have been asked to pay the subscription fees again. I paid once thinking it’s just a payment for a one month notice period but then NS requested direct debit from me again which I denied. However, now I received an email saying my file will be sent to a collection agency for receiving the payment. 

I found this on the website saying I do not need to make payments anymore so, I don’t understand why I am being asked to. If you check my OV chip card activity, you can see that I have not used the card for months since I am not even in the Netherlands anymore. Hope you look into this.

Thank you.

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Very sad. The system works with auto-renewing.

There is not much to do about it. It was probably not a proper cancellation. You do need to pay the collector. Not using the card does not make any difference. Customer Service cannot help you anymore.


You should have had some reminders, but you probably did not react.

Hi Mrinalini Nair and welcome to the NS Community!

What a shame you're still receiving reminders. After you cancelled the card, did you in fact also contact Customer Service to cancel the subscription? This is necessary before the subscription is completely cancelled. Without this cancellation the subscription will remain active. Contact my colleagues if you want to know more!