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  • 26 April 2022
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I ordered a NS Weekend Vrij subscription + a personal OV Chipkaart last Friday 15th April which should has been activated on 23rd April 2022. However, I haven't received the OV chipkaart yet and, even though I don't actually need the card until Thursday April 28th, I want to be sure of what other options I have in case I don't receive it on time.
I would like to ask when exactly this card should arrive and whether the subscription timeframe could be renewed according to the date I received the card?

I've been told that I can purchase an anonymous OV chipkaart so that you can temporarily charge my subscription in it at the station. Is that something you're still doing?

Thank you in advance for your attention



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Contact Customer Service. They can prevent unneeded costs and may find out why your card did not arrive. It should have been there by now.