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  • 10 August 2022
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My daughter is enrolled for a part time or bridging year at The Royal Academy of Art in the Hague.

But she does not qualify on DUO for any student assistance.

What is the best way for her to get a “student” ticket for the year of the course.

She is 19  years old and just finished school.

We have just moved here from South Africa and we are finding some of this quite daunting.

Please advise if possible 


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Your daughter can purchase a regular season ticket. There are no student discounts when it comes to a season ticket for train travel.

You can find the available season tickets on this page. We can help you decide which one is most appropriate in your daughter’s situation if you tell us more about the times at which she will travel, how often, on what days of the week and on what route.

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It is daunting. She cannot have a subscription that is the same. Dalvrij may be a possibilty, but depends what she wants to do with it and when she travels. When we know more we can advise. When she lives in the Hague and wants to travel cheap in the weekend, Weekendvrij is extremely well chosen, €31,60 a month with unlimited travel during the weekends.