Pay a monthly subscription twice

  • 10 September 2022
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I want the answer to this, why did you pay twice for the year’s subscription on August 23 and after that September 7, in this case you have to return the money because the subscription is only 61.20 and I hope you will reply quickly with thanks


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Ah, I missed that “Paid”. But still, fadel already had a subscription so no need to get a new one.

The subscription fadel has is a Dal Voordeel on balance, not NS Flex. Flex Dal Voordeel is paid monthly €5,10, the balance Dal Voordeel is paid yearly, so €61,20. Doesn't really change anything, since Dal Voordeel on balance is also continuous, so after one year it is extended for another year, unless you cancel it.


The reminder had a little green line with  "paid" and a date.


Edit: "NS subscriptions on balance" are continuous. They don't stop unless you stop it or NS stops it due to non payment. So don't get a new subscription on a new card unless you want two subscriptions.

As customers we can't help you any further. Contact customer service.

Edit: I should have checked the price before writing. 

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The 1st picture showed you received a reminder to pay €61,20 for your subscription on august 23, the second picture that you payed for a new subscription on september 7.

So you already had a subscription in august that was extended, but you did not pay for that. And because you ordered a new subscription you now have 2 subscriptions. You should have payed the reminder and not ordered a new subscription.

Contact customer service. With new subscriptions you have a 14-day withdrawal period, so you can get your money back for the new subscription. But if you haven't done so already, you need to pay for the old subscription you have, the one you received the reminder for in august. 

Yes, from the same account twice, and the picture showed this 


You put a lot of personal information on a public website.

Open the message. Click on the three dots in the bottom right side.

Delete the pictures or blur all the personal information like name, address and chipcard number.

Edit: from the pictures it looks like you already had a Dal Voordeel subscription. And then you purchased another Dal Voordeel on a new card eather for yourself or someone you know.

For more information contact the NS customer service via phone (quickest) or chat. A private message through Facebook or Twitter will take at least a day before you get a reply.

Edit 2: the second message says you already paid. Did the 61,20 euro get taken from your bank account twice?