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  • 22 May 2023
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My question is I leaved the NL this month and canceled the dutch bank card, and now I received an email from NS saying that I need to pay NS bill of last month (130 euro), so how can i pay by an international bank card, and what is NS's account name and SWIFT code? because only having IBAN code is not enough for me to transferred money internationally. My bank manager told me that they need your Bank name, Bank account number, and SWIFT code which is most important one for transferring money abroad.

Let me know! Thanks!


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Hello tiautian, wecome at our community,


If you have a NS Flex subscription then you may transfer the amount to NL14ABNA0576850675 NS Groep. Our BIC code is ABNANL2A. Don't forget to mention your invoice number and customer number in the description.