Purchased a subscription but it says "There are no products waiting to be downloaded for this card"

  • 24 February 2023
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The title explains the issue itself but here I will provide more details. 

I recently received my OV personal card and purchased  “NS Flex Dal Voordeel “ subscription and even received an email for it and also the amount was deducted from my bank account as well. 

Later today I went to an OV-Kart machine to load the product but it says there are no products for the card. I thought it’s probably too soon for it to load it then I check on the NS site to see  products to be loaded and there is the same message “There are no products waiting to be downloaded for this card” and when I check my products this is the message “You do not have any products”. 


I am unsure if I did something wrong and how to proceed. Thank you in advance for your help.


Beste antwoord door Tomas NS 24 February 2023, 20:00

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Hi there AdaD and welcome to our Community!

Did you order the subscription on a new personal OV-chipkaart? If so, the subscription is pre-loaded, but the subscription can only be used on or after the activation date stated in the confirmation e-mail.

If you ordered the subscription on an already existing OV-chipkaart, I recommend contacting customer service to check what is going wrong.

Hi Tomas, 

Thank you for your welcome and your reply!

I tried again today and I was able to load my products. Thank you!