Rent a bike if I am a German citizen

  • 21 June 2022
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Can I rent bike "OV-Fiets" if I am a German citizen?


Beste antwoord door Momo 21 June 2022, 16:35

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Only if you order an personalized OV chipcard and obtain an OV fiets subscription.

This might require contacting customer service as the website to register may not accept a German bank account.

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You can only rent an OV-fiets with a personal OV-chipcard. On that card you need either an OV-fiets subscription or NS Flex. You can order a personal OV-chipcard at an have it send to Germany. Than you need to apply for OV-fiets or NS Flex at NS, but without a dutch bankaccount you cannot order it online. Instead you need to order it by phone or go to a ticketcounter. 

Thanks friends. Everything is very complicated and ... very inconvenient for guests of Amsterdam. For example, Vienna is not Germany. But I registered in their system without any problems and deducted 1 euro for registration. When renting a bike, I chose it through the application, opened the lock. All payment was then made inside the application through my German card. In addition - in Vienna the 1st hour is free. I don’t say anything about Germany anymore, because. renting a bike everywhere is also very easy

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OV-fiets aims at users of dutch public transport who have an OV-chipcard. Several cities in the Netherlands have their own shared bikes and shared electric scooters for which you don't need an OV-chipcard and renting is as easy as you say it is in Vienna or Germany. For Amsterdam see:


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Maybe you know an owner of a personal chipcard. It is allowed for him to rent two bikes with one card. There are lots of other ways to rent a bike in the Netherlands, but it is more expensive.

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THis is a kind of special Vorteisltarif-gerichtet an jene die doch schon OePNV benutzen und deshalb anschliessendes mal noetig haben koennen.

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Und da ich ja ziemlich viele J in dieses überbesuchte Stadt gearbeitet habe (und sehr froh dass nicht mehr): die echt-AMSterdamer riechen auf Abstand die Touriś die nicht radeln können/sonst nie tun und haben eine ganze Menge an Tricks dies sehr deutlich zu machen