Request for invoice payment confirmation

  • 5 April 2022
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I would like to get a confirmation that the payment for this invoice was received since I received an email that if I wouldn’t pay I would loose my subscription. 




Beste antwoord door Stijn NS 5 April 2022, 11:36

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Good morning Paula Cunha and welcome to the NS Community!

You can check your Mijn NS account for the status of the related invoice. If the payment has been succesfully arrived and processed, the invoice status should be changed to ‘Voldaan’.

If it's not or if you can't find the status, you can contact our Customer Service to check if the payment has arrived yet. You can reach them by phone (030-7515155), via Twitter and Facebook, or you can start a Chat conversation starten (option 'Chat with NS').

I do need to mention that it's currently very busy, due to the disruptions from last Sunday.