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  • 10 June 2024
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on 24th of May 2024, I have check in at 18:32 fromNijmegen to Tillburg. I have the weekend free sunscription but I saw I was charged for this trip. 


May I kindly ask to check and advise? 





Beste antwoord door Tochjo 10 June 2024, 18:57

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In some areas (e.g. Blauwnet/Arriva land), bus travel before a train ride also counts for the ‘first check-in’, so if you take a bus to the station and then check-in for train at 18:32…

It will save you the € 1,08 starting fee (because it’s a transfer) but the train kilometers will still be charged. 😥

Thanks for your answer, Tochjo. Most of the times wen this happen this is indeed the case.

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Did you by any chance make another journey right before this one, and was there less than 35 minutes between checking out for that journey and checking in for this one? Then NS sees this journey as a continuation of the previous one and will look at the time of checking in for the previous one to determine the fare for this one. It's all explained at this page, below “The first check-in determines the rate. How does that work?”.

If this is indeed the case, contacting customer service is still the way to go, since they might reimburse you for the latter journey if you explain to them you didn’t know about this.

Hello @Roya Madadi,

Hm, that's strange. 24th of May 2024 is on a Friday.

When your check-in is later than 18.25 on Friday the trip should be for free.

You better contact the customer service to ask why you were charged for your trip.

Phone: 030-7 51 51 55 (day and night)

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