Seasonal ticket of Arriva and NS Flex on one OV-Chipkaart?

  • 14 April 2022
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Would it be possible to take out different seasonal tickets provided respectively by Arriva and NS Flex.
I live in Maastricht and have bought one named Arriva regional seasonal tickets (18 euros). Can I buy another one from NS Flex? Or should I deactivate the Arriva one and then I can transfer to NS Flex?
Or should I apply for another personal card especially for NS Flex?

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Beste antwoord door Denice NS 14 April 2022, 12:16

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Hi Song. Welcome to the Community!

If the Arriva subscription is only for the use of the bus you can place NS Flex on the same card. Do make sure you disable the bus/tram/metro part of NS Flex. This can be done via our Customer Service. Your Arriva subscription will then also work next to NS Flex. If you also use the Arriva subscription on the trains of Arriva it's best to use two cards if you also want to use NS Flex.