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  • 13 August 2022
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I am new here in the Netherlands and I had trouble during my last journey. I have a "NS Flex Dal Voordeel" so I buy train tickets online with a discount when I travel off-peak hours. My most recent journey began at 21:24 from Utrecht, and I once again purchased a discounted ticket. NS personnel came to check my ticket while I was on the train, and I showed them my E-ticket. He stated that it is only applicable to subscriptions. I said I had, but when I tried to show it on the app, it didn't recognize my subscription. As a punishment, I had to purchase a full ticket (€18.60). I just checked the website again, and it is still available. In this situation, what should I do? I connected to both the app and the website with the same account (the card numbers are also the same), but my subscription is not seen on the app.


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By the way, I activated my subscription at the NS machine as instruction so I can see my subscription is active on the website.

Furthermore, the person who checked my ticket was extremely rude. Altough I stated that I was new here and that I had a subscription, he forced me to purchase a full ticket instead of helping me.

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When you have a subscription, you don't have to buy a ticket with discount, but you have to check in and check out with you personal OV-chip card. 

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Hey mericbrbn. Welcome to the NS Community. 

Isitimela is correct in that you are not supposed to use e-tickets to try and use your NS Flex Dal Voordeel.  You've also been sent or already had an OV-chipcard you can use to make use of your product. Even if the product had been shown correctly, this is not the right way to use the product. I'm not quite sure what kind of ticket you had, but there are none we offer normally that replace an OV-chipcard with a certain type of product. You can contact our Customer Service to request a partial refund for the missed discount in the ticket you now had to buy.