• 14 October 2022
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I have recently purchased subscription for route Dordrecht - Gouda. However I don't take straight connection that is not even existing, so I go Dordrecht-Rotterdam Centraal-Gouda. However I saw on the check out gate that I'm still paying for route. How is it working? Am I supposed to purchase then subscription for separate Dordrecht-Rotterdam and Rotterdam-Gouda? 


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Did the check-out gate actually show a price? Then you are still travelling on credit and the subscription isn’t properly loaded on the card yet. Did you purchase Traject Vrij for an existing OV-chipcard? Then you need to load it on your card at a ticket machine.

If the subscription is loaded on the card, then you should indeed not have to pay anything if you check in at Dordrecht and check out at Gouda.