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  • 12 June 2023
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Hi there,


I am currently paying for the 34.95 Weekend Pass, but I will now be travelling in the week as well during off-peak hours. Would it be possible to add on the 40% discount for off-peak hours during weekdays as well? I tried to do this myself, but I wasn't sure how to.

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Contact Customer service, 030 7515155. In a formal sense you can only change after the first month.

Hi mkeroulis,

Yes, you can change monthly. 


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I tried to do this myself, but I wasn't sure how to.

You need to change your subscription (in Mijn NS, go to My products > Choose another subscription), then choose NS Flex Weekend Vrij again, but also select the option for discount outside peak hours:


If you've had this subscription for less than a month, you can't change it yourself yet, as pointed out by Thom. Then you need to contact customer service by phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook to have them make this change for you.