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  • 2 September 2023
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I understand that I can only cancel subscription after a month but what I don't understand is that even though it is not yet a month they already included the subscription fee for next month on my new billing payment. I wanted to cancel my subscription because I won't be needing it for the next few months and now i am required to pay for nothing.

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If you previously had NS Flex already, then the invoices will keep coming at the same day of the month. If your NS Flex once started on, say, the first of the month, and you changed your subscription on the 15th of August, then you will have received an intermediate invoice for the period 15 August up to and including 31 August, and will now have received a new invoice for the period 1 September up to and including 30 September. This is simply how it's designed to work since NS, as stated, keeps sending invoices on the same day of the month.

Since subscriptions are always paid in advance, this means that you might have to pay in advance for a longer period than you intend to keep the subscription. But note that you will always be reimbursed for any days that you will no longer have the subscription if you cancel during the month.