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Good afternoon!  Help me to understand.  I made a personalized card, connected the TRAJECT VRIJ subscription.  But maybe I don't understand something?  I continue to pay full price for train rides and cannot get through the turnstile if my card is less than 20 euros.  Am I doing it wrong?


Beste antwoord door Daniel 20 March 2023, 17:22

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When you need 20 euro to get through the gates, your card is still setup for travel on a credit on your card.

It looks like you've never picked up NS Flex at the ticket machine. Doing that will enable travel with post-payment and allow use of your TrajectVrij subscription.

Go to a ticket machine at the station (or a machine for picking up chipcard products in a store) and look if any orders are ready for pickup. When that's the case your TrajectVrij will be ready for use after picking up.

Should you've ordered it already quite a while ago and there's nothing to pickup anymore then contact customer service for assistance (and refund of your travel while the subscription you paid for was already valid).

Yes.  This is true.  Didn't take anything from the machine.  I just topped up my account.  Tomorrow I'll try to do that.  I hope everything works out) Thank you!

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Also, see for (limited) travel costs refund. Or contact NS Customer Service.

Thank you) everything turned out) tell me more please.  When I enter through the turnstile, I check in.  Do I need a second check-in with this card on the platform before the train?

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Hi AlinaKalinina

You only have to check in once. You don't have to check in on the platform when you checked in at the gate to enter the station.

Hello!  Please tell me.  My pass for the Rotterdam-Amsterdam route.  But today I was told that if I am going by fast train through Schipol, I need a ticket.  Explain why.  Thanks a lot!

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Everyone that uses the Intercity direct service between Rotterdam and Schiphol needs to buy an additional supplement. This includes season ticket holders. You can read more about that on this page.

Oh.  Thanks a lot.  Now understand.  Tell me more please.  Since the purchase of a train pass, I have not replenished my account on the card.  I do not pay for travel in buses, the subway.  Will I receive an invoice at the end of the month for all trips I have made?  Thank you!

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Indeed, you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for all the travel costs incurred, and for the season ticket costs for the next month. This amount will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically.

Thank you)

Good morning!  Please advise a way to travel cheaper by buses, metro, trams.  I go 5-6 times a week there and back.  I already have a train pass and can't find a pass suitable for the rest of the transport!  Thanks a lot!

I'm afraid the NS doesn't offer subscriptions that gives you discounted travel in bus, tram or metro. If you want a subscription for them, your best bet is to check the offers from the operators you're using. You mentioned you're travelling between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, so you will either be using the GVB (in Amsterdam), or the RET (in Rotterdam).

For the RET, you can check this page for their offers. For the GVB, you can find that information here.

If you can give a bit more details about which trips you are making with bus, tram and metro exactly, perhaps the Community can provide you with a more personal advice.

Thanks for the answer!  I travel with Krimpen by bus to Capelsebrug metro station.  And I take the metro to Blaak station.