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  • 11 August 2023
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Dear Lieneke Bouma,

I wanted to extend my thanks for activating NS Flex on my OV chip card. It's a great convenience.

I plan to travel from Enschede to Amsterdam this Saturday. Can I travel at any time and on any train? Also, I'm traveling with my daughters (6.6 years and 4 years old) who don't have OV Chip Cards yet due to the processing time. How can they accompany me on the journey?

Lastly, I'd like to know if I'll need to pay separately for Bus or Bicycle services in Amsterdam and the payment method.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards, Rhman


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Good morning TOSIF UL RHMAN and welcome to the NS Community.

Thank you for your appreciation, though I need to mention that Lieneke Bouma doesn't personally write the e-mails you receive about your subscription. They are the current head of our Customer Service, so all automated e-mails are sent with their name as signatory. 😊

As for your questions, yes, you can travel at any time and on any train. Simply check in at your departure station and check out at the destination. The price of the trip will be calculated based on your subscription.

You can purchase a Railrunner ticket for each of your daughters:

With NS Flex, bus, tram and metro trips will also be billed via the NS Flex invoice, so you won't have to pay separately for that. The same goes for bicycle services as long as you're referring to the OV-fiets. Any other bike rental services will need to be paid separately.