Unable to check in without money

  • 17 August 2022
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I just tried to checkin but unable to check in. 

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If there is not enough money on your OV-chipcard you can not check-in. How else do you plan to pay for your trip?

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Welcome to the NS Community!

Lately, there seem to be some (rare) problems with NS Flex and buses, where they ask for balance while it’s not needed.

Complain to the bus company.

I have a problem with check in and check out with my Ns Flex. I cannot change my saldo for incorrect check in and check out and I don’t know what to do. If I enter OV chipkaart they say to go to Mijn Ns and viceversa when I enter Mijn Ns to change it, they say to go to Ov chipkaart…

who can help me please?

Do you get a message that your balance is too low after checking in? If so then you need to top up your balance. You can do that at a machine in the super market.