Unclear charges on my invoice

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi NS,

I'm very confused of the amount that you're charging me, since I'm only travelling every weekends and I have a weekend free subscription that I am paying every month. For example, I just received my invoice for the month of January 2023 and it amounted to €114,57 with the €34,95 subscription cost in it. The question is, why is it that there's a very huge charge for my bus and tram travels like €50-70 something? I mean considering that it only cost me like €2 per travel and I only travelled on sat. and sunday last month!? Please give me a clear explanation!


Also, I would like to know why my top-up balance aren't changing even if I'm travelling? When I top up a balance, the amount only adds and never subtract even if I ride with a bus. I also need to know this.


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NS subscriptions only allow for free travel by train. You always have to pay the full fare if you travel by bus, tram or metro. On the first page of the invoice you can see what the total amount is for bus, tram and metro travel, but if you look at the further pages of the invoice, you can see exactly which journeys you are being charged which amount for.

The Weekend Free subscription is only available as an NS Flex subscription. This means you will get an invoice at the end of each month for the travel costs incurred, and these costs are withdrawn from your bank account automatically. As a result, topping up manually is pointless; that credit is indeed never used. You can go to a service desk to have it paid out to you.