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Uncredited money for abonnementen

  • 29 April 2022
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On April 19, 2022, I arranged the Dal Voordeel tariff. It was at a discount. The money from my account went to me, but the tariff did not affect my OV chip card. What should I do to fix it? I would also like to have the tariff under the same conditions under which I bought it.

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Dzien dobry/ Dobry den?

If you started this a new-likely-then all seasons/subscriptions are sold now as FLEX-when you check in you see only a sign:: reizen op rekening´ on the small screen.

This means you do not need to load money on the card anymore. The price for the subscription (a bit more as 5€/month-but maybe you still got the promotion) has to be paid advance.

The cost for trips is bundled in your account and must be paid by direct bank-transfer after the month has finsihed-plus again the price for the new month. You can check it all in ´mijnNS´also in /en/.

The discount fare ONLY applies when you checkIN in the off-peak hours (that means ´dal´): untill 6.34, from 8.55, again till 16.04 and from 18.25-on sat+sun no peaks, all day valid.

IF you already had a chipcard and NO FLEX-then you should have loaded the new subscription on your card by holding it to any ticketmachine and press button and load it-hold card again. This is also mentioned-of course- in the confirmation mail. You can of course also check what is exactly now loaded on the card in mijnNS.

I hope this has made it clear-I know it is not easy to understand, not even for us Dutch, but once it has all been settled its all OK-and you can change after minimum 1 month of use anytine online without worries further on.

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Hey IH Hubacekova. Welcome to the NS Community! 

The information given by Bahnrider is correct. Though on the bit of the payment: Do keep in mind that we try and deduct the payments automatically at first, so you don't need to manually transfer it each month. If you're still traveling on money you deposited on the card directly, you haven't activated the product yet. If you have and the discount is still missing, I'd recommend contacting our Customer Service for further assistance. I'd also recommend contacting them if you by any means missed out on the Dal discount when you should have already had it.