When is the bill charged?

  • 5 October 2023
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When is the bill charged? I have confusion and doubt.  Why is my total balance 80.61? It says subscription fee 76.70 I paid last month.  Then my monthly subscription amount was 38.35 euros. I looked at my payment slip.  This month's payment I have to pay is 4.03 euros. I am confused about when I have to pay my monthly subscription fee.  And do I have to pay 80.61? And why is the debt payment 4.03 euros?


1 reactie

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It seems like you already had NS Flex and then changed to a different subscription. In that case, the day of the month the invoice will be sent stays the same. So after a change of subscription you first get an invoice for the remainder of the current subscription month, which I suspect is what you have to pay the 4.03 euros for, and then you simply get new invoices every month with the subscription costs for the next month, which I suspect the 38.35 euros is for.

You should ignore the widget that says 76.70 euros subscription costs in Mijn NS. It's broken and often shows incorrect information, especially after a change of subscription. You will not be charged this amount.

Note that if you go to Mijn NS (the website, not the app), you can go to Betaaloverzicht/My payments to find detailed invoices. There you can see exactly what you are being charged for, and if it's for a subscription, for what period you're being charged.