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  • 13 July 2022
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I have a 40% discount during the off peak hours.

I know it starts after 6:30pm.

The siruation is the following: I checked in at 6pm, but was waiting on the station to take the next train at 6:30pm to get my 40% discount.


However, I saw that I was charged for the full rate because the system see me checked in at 6pm.


Please advice here what can I do in this situation?

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Contact customer service and hope they’re willing to pay back the difference.

In the future, note that the time you check in determines the fare, so wait until the off-peak hours have started before checking in.

This is correct. The time you check in is decisive, so if you check in at 6 pm you pay full fare. You should check in after 6.30 pm.

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The exact reason why the check-in time determines the fare, is because the system cannot see whether you take a train during rush hour or wait at the station until the off-peak hours start after 6.30 pm. It only sees that you are checked in during the rush hour and therefore automatically assumes that you are travelling during this period.

As we are a traveller-helping-traveller community, customer service is the only party who can help you with this. As the users above me have said. Good luck!