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  • 1 April 2022
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I purchased 3 off peak hour train tickets from Eindhoven central to Maastricht. The time on the ticket did not seem to specify that it was for off peak hours. When I went to scan my ticket it was invalid due to the time. is there a possibility to receive a refund for these tickets since they were invalid? 


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No, because you may have used them and it cannot be checked whether you did or not. There is no refund for e-tickets and you agreed with that when you purchased them. When you buy tickets for off-peaks hour, you do need to know when they are, you do need to reassure. 18.30-07.30. 9.00-16.00. ‘Did not seem to specify etc’ is no excuse, it is easy to comprehend why not.

It is not allowed to stay in the train during peek-hours, so you should have reached your destination before the peek-hours start. That is why they are cheap. The policy of NS is not to refund when fraudulent behavior is possible in any way.