Travelling with NS wintercity eticket upgrade

  • 6 December 2023
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Hello, I use a prepaid monthly subscription for specific route to travel with my ov chipkaart. Now I got an offer from NS wintercity to upgrade my 2nd class ticket to 1st class seat for a day. I paid for it and received my eticket via email which has a barcode like anyother etickets from NS. 

Do I checkin with this new eticket or just use my OV chipkaart? 


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You just check in with your OV-chipcard as you normally would, not with the eticket. If a ticket inspector wants to check your ticket, you show both your OV-chipcard and the eticket.

And to be clear: the upgrade to first class is only valid during off-peak hours, not during peak hours. I mention this explicitly because I'm assuming you'd normally be travelling during peak hours, based on the subscription you have.