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  • 4 May 2024
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To whom it may concern

I hope you are fine.

I checked at 5 AM in Naarden bussum station and I forgot to check out in Haarlem spaarenwoude station. When I wanted to fix this problem I received the error (403 forbidden). So I could not do this process.

I would be grateful if you help me.

Thank you for consideration

Best regards



Beste antwoord door Daniël NS 5 May 2024, 12:15

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Good afternoon Nahid Kasaiyan 1365. Welcome to the NS Community.

I'd advise you to contact our customer service for this, we can't resolve this here.


i have forgotten check out two is on 17 april that i had travel fro m Groningen to Assen and in my invoice the price is 20.

and another is on 6 may that i had travel from meppel to Assen and I had 40 percent discount and in my invoice is 12.please fix this problem.

thank you.



Hello Eliii and welcome to the NS Community.

For you goes the same, it's best to contact our customer service to have this resolved.