Request a Refund for wrong check out

  • 6 November 2023
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I would like to request a refund for a wrong check out with my ov chipkaart when I should have used my international train ticket. NS will take 24 euros of my account from this. How can I request this refund and submit the proofs since it is a non ordinary refund request? Please note that I cannot in my account see any link to request this refund. Would be great if you can send me the form for me to fill in and tell me where this and the proof documentation should be sent to. Thank you!


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Hi MJCD and welcome to the NS Community! 

The best option is to contact our customer service by chat, X or Facebook so you can send your documentation with it. But the only things our customer service needs as proof is your OV-chipcard number and your international ticket. It is also possible to fill in this form, but you can't add attachments to this and it's only in Dutch.