ask for my money back during strike

  • 7 September 2022
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There is no train from Amsterdam to Groningen alst week on sunday, so I took bus back to groningen and there are two bills of it. I would like to apply for my money back since I ordered weekend free suscriptions during this time slot

5 reacties

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NS staff did not strike on Sunday. Could you be more specific about which trains you wanted to take and didn’t run? In general, NS will arrange for buses if trains cannot run and your subscription is valid on those; if you choose another means of transport then you’re expected to carry the costs yourself.

I want refund of my ticket as the trains were not available for my route from arnhem central to Doetinchem de huet on 28-February yesterday night at 8pm

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You'll need to contact Arriva for that as no NS trains run to Doetinchem.

How to contact Arriva

could you help me ??

I am new here in Netherlands 

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Hey Deepika Saini. Welcome to the NS Community. 

Daniel is right, you'd need to contact Arriva for this. You can do this here.