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IC Lelystad/Dordrech Cancelled for Days

  • 16 September 2022
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Hi, does anyone know if the Intercity between Lelystad and Dordrech will be completely canceled due to scale down?

This entire journey had been cancelled for concessive days..


Beste antwoord door Tamzin 16 September 2022, 09:50

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On PART of its way-Mostly between Lelyst and Almere, but the whole route on weekends. As you may likely know there has been a disastrous power failure just east of Lelystad, blocking this line for many monthes for repairs and due to limited capacity and nr of trainsets only the main IC that used to run onward to Zwolle, coming from den Haag, can keep running/turning now in Lely.

But more staff-shortages may indeed mean that fewer and fewer trains can run. Its longer time planning and shorter-daybyday-acting as to how many people turn up.

That train is skipped due to the short of staff.


It was already announced that due to staff shortages these trains would be cancelled permanently during weekends but it seems that they are now also cancelled on weekdays.

Coming week according the planner they should run again on weekdays (not weekend) between Almere C and Dordrecht but I wonder whether that's a mistake and the they simply forgot to remove them.